Personalised Candles

Signify The Commitment of Love With Personalised Candles

A wedding unites two individuals for a lifelong relationship. The lighting of a Unity Candle symbolises the union of two individuals, becoming one. It can be included into the ceremony to represent the joining together of two families, and their love for the bride and groom. To make your wedding special and more meaningful Giftables has designed a large range of personalised candles. This is a special addition to your ceremony. The family set of personalised candles is particularly a popular choice of keepsake gifts. With the experience of 12 years in this business, our products such as wedding invitation cards, accessories, personalised candles and much more have been making many wedding memorable. Bringing something unique and fresh to you, personalised candles will really make your wedding unforgettable for all those who attend your big day. Visit our store at 54-58 Payneham Road Stepney, or shop online at

Personalised Candles

Choose your Personalised Candles Design

You have set your own dreams about your big day. Giftables will help you to make your dream come true with its personalised candles and other wedding related products. We give assurance of quality products to suit any budget. With our individualised services, we can work with you and help you find the design that reflects your wedding style. We have a variety of personalised candles to match your invitation suites. If you would like a photo, special words or your our graphic on your personalised candles, then our experts can provide you with a customised special keepsake.

Personalised Service With Our Fantastic Personalised Candles

At Giftables, we want to make our clients enjoy their special day with specially personalised candles. Our expert team love helping our customers in creating their own wedding story through matching candles to their invitation theme. With our professional on-site printing, we provide assurance of quality control. We customise our candle designs as per the need and budget of the clients. Our services offer top quality and designs that reflect your style. Be it Christening Candles, Wedding Candles or Remembrance Candles, we have a huge collection of personalised candles for every occasion. Our candles will surely add more light to your wedding. You can easily buy online candles with classic, floral design candles, family set candles, lace family candles, modern wedding candles from our online store that is open to you always 24*7.

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