Wedding Invitations, do I want to do it myself?

One of the most difficult decisions other than choosing a style of invitation is whether to make them yourself or have us complete them for you. At Giftables we offer a range of options to suit all budgets. DIY papers, cards and accessories, infill invitations, printing options and a full print and assembly service.

Our creative team can customise an original invitation, tailor one of our many modern and contemporary designs to your specifications, or you can choose from a comprehensive collection of inspiring classics. We stock everything you need to create your own DIY masterpiece. From papers to embellishments and ribbons to the tools you need to ensure a professional finish in your own home.

Where Do I Start?

Below is a checklist of each wedding stationery item that you may need before, during and after your wedding day. If you need advice feel free to come see us and we’ll be happy to assist!

Which accessories will I need?

What to do about my wedding invitations?

Wedding invitations are the centrepiece of your stationery, and reflect the style and tone of your wedding. Whether it’s a casual beach theme or a formal black tie event, you may need to include the following:

  • Invitations
  • Directions or Maps
  • Acceptance Cards
  • Ceremony Cards
  • Wishing Well Cards, Bridal Registry, Honeymoon Registry
  • Printed guest names
  • Printed address labels
  • Guest list

You should have a good idea of the style of invitation you would like 4-6 months before your wedding day. If you are doing them yourself this will give you time to purchase samples and make a variety of mock ups until you have the perfect invitation.

For printed invitations by Giftables you should have a design finalised three to four months before the wedding date. Allow approximately 4-6 weeks from start to finish, at peak times you may need to allow a little more time. However, we always try our best to provide them sooner.

When should I send out my invitations?

Invitations should be sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. However, if you have some guests travelling from overseas, interstate or you’ve chosen a destination wedding, you may need to provide extra notice. A nice alternative is to send a ‘save-the-date’ card in advance, so your guests know to expect your invitation.

Do I need save-the-date cards?

Save the date cards announce your wedding date in advance of sending out invitations to ensure guests keep the date free. This is particularly useful if you’re getting married during a busy holiday period, if you’re inviting overseas guests or you are planning a destination wedding in the snow or on a tropical island. You’ll need to give your guests notice that they need to plan for your wedding.

These cards are usually mailed around six months before the wedding, although you could send them out as early as a year before. Choose a style of card that suits the invitation that will follow.

How will people find my venue?

If your venue is in a remote location or difficult to find, providing a detailed map may well be the answer in avoiding angst and frustration for your wedding guests. Make sure you choose maps and directions that are current and accurate.

Acceptance Cards

Acceptance cards are sent with your invitation and in an addressed, stamped envelope. Alternatively a postcard style acceptance card is also common, doing away with the need of an envelope. Acceptance cards ask each guest to check a box advising how many people will be attending the wedding.

It is also becoming a common place for guests to advise you of any dietary requirements, should you wish to provide this option. Consult with your reception venue to ensure they will have options available for your guests.

Ceremony Cards

Couples who choose to have an intimate group of guests for their wedding reception, may still want to provide friends or work colleagues with an invitation to the Ceremony. This can be done simply with a separate Ceremony Only Card.

Wishing Well Cards

Guests often ask what do we get the Bride and Groom? Couples have now made it easier for guests by providing them with options to ease their pain. You may have a Bridal Registry where you have a number of items selected for guests to choose from. A Honeymoon registry is also popular for couples who wish that guests contribute to their honeymoon.

In any case, it is important that a separate card be worded carefully to avoid offending people, as this is an option for them, and is by no means a formality. There are many poems available on the internet which will provide you with the perfect verse. See our Download section for suggestions.

Service Books

Service Books are a great way for your guests to follow your wedding ceremony, and take home a keepsake of your special day. Service Books are usually made in the form of a small booklet, and provide details about the ceremony, the names of the bridal party, the order of events, the titles of readings and songs.

Your Service Book should continue the theme of your wedding. Whether you make your service books yourself, or have a cover specially designed and printed, allow at least six weeks to make sure your program is perfect!


Most guests appreciate the chance to browse the menu before the wedding reception begins. This can also be used as a conversation starter amongst your guests. The Menu should include all the details regarding the meal, including wines and other beverage options. You can continue the theme of your wedding in the design of your menus. Your reception venue may provide this as part of their package. If so they may still be able to print on your chosen paper.

Place Cards

The place cards can be as simple as a printed folded card or embellished to match your wedding stationery. A printed list at the centre of your table or there are many options to include bomboniere or wedding favours as a double option with your place cards. You may wish to provide a seating chart at the main entry, or the reception centre may have ushers to escort your guests to their seats.

Bomboniere/Favour Boxes

Whether you call them bonbonniere like the French, bomboniere as the Italians do or koufeta, as they are known in Greece, wedding favours are a charming way to thank your guests for participating in your special day. What’s more, your friends and family will appreciate an eternal memento of the love you share for each other.

Cake Boxes And Bags

Cake boxes or bags are a delightful touch for guests who want to take their slice of wedding cake home. With the array of boxes, bags and containers available, there is bound to be something special that suits your theme.

Pre-Wedding Stationery

A wedding isn’t just about the big day – there are bridal showers, hens’ and bucks’ nights to consider.

  • Hen and bucks’ invitations are usually sent by the maid of honour or best man, which means themes and invitations are often not in your control! The thing to remember is that guests receive all the information they need, including venue, dress code and how much money each person will be paying.
  • Bridal shower or kitchen tea invitations are usually issued by the bride’s friends, so again, the bride doesn’t have much say in the style of invitation. Just remember that it can seem pushy for the bride’s family to invite people to a bridal shower – it can seem like they are soliciting gifts on her behalf.

Thank You Cards

Handwritten notes – from both the bride and groom – are the best way to thank guests for their gifts and presence at your wedding. Traditional couples opt for a card with the couple’s monogrammed initials, while more modern options include a postcard or bespoke card with your wedding photo on the front.

Thank you cards can also incorporate a photo from the day. You can chose one of your favourite shots from the wedding day and incorporate a personal message from both of you.